Now even FEMINISTS are deriding transgender ideology as “incoherent political intimidation”

A radical feminist soy-boy who teaches in the communications department at The University of Texas at Austin recently took aim at a new book that promotes the mental illness known as transgenderism, declaring its text to be entirely “incoherent” and centered around “political intimidation” rather than logical thought and argument.

Robert Jensen, a professor in UT’s School of Journalism, is about as extreme-liberal as it gets, by the way, having authored a book of his own that calls for ending “institutionalized male dominance” and patriarchy, while basically calling for handing the reigns over to angry biological females that wish they were men. But even he has major problems with what’s being presented as transgender ideology.

In a review of the book in question, entitled Trans*, which he published for Feminist Current, Jensen begins by apologizing for what he’s about to say – because the only people he’s okay with attacking and offending are straight, white males, of course. He then proceeds to opine on how Trans* basically makes no sense, failing to make any real case as to the merits or legitimacy of transgenderism.

While he says he had hoped to gain a greater understanding of “the claims of the transgender movement,” Jensen says he didn’t find it in Trans*, the author of which he admits is “one of the most prominent U.S. trans* intellectuals.” In other words, if the book’s author couldn’t make a believable case for transgenderism, then nobody can.

“I have long tried to observe what in rhetoric is sometimes called ‘the principle of charity,’ a commitment in debate to formulating an opponent’s argument in the strongest possible version so that one’s critique is on firm footing,” Jensen states as a caveat, again in gushy, apologetic and politically correct terms.

“I have tried to do that in this review, though I concede that I’m not always sure what Halberstam is arguing, and so I may not be doing his arguments justice.”

Getting more to the point, Jensen further adds that while reading Trans*, as well as considering other arguments he’s heard from transgender people and their allies, he remains “confused” and “unable to understand just what is being proposed.”

Transgenderism is a mental illness, say health experts

That’s because there is no logical proposition to be made in defense of transgenderism – though Jensen would never actually admit this, being a pussified misandrist and all. The fact of the matter is that transgenderism is a mental disease that requires treatment, not just another “gender identity” to be accepted.

Dr. Paul R. McHugh, the former psychiatrist-in-chief at the prestigious Johns Hopkins Hospital, is one of the few truly brave individuals who’s come out openly to admit this. One cannot simply change his or her biological sex simply by cutting off body parts and taking hormones, Dr. McHugh has stated, in so many words. He also warns that those who try to do so with such expectations can expect “grim psychological outcomes.”

And no, these grim psychological outcomes are not the product of biologically accurate males and females not accepting transgenders into normal society in the way that they desire. It’s the product of transgender delusions that one can somehow “become” the opposite sex simply by doing things like dressing up in stereotypical clothing of the opposite sex and hiding or removing sex organs – which is utter insanity.

The fact that even radical leftists like Jensen are calling out the transgender phenomenon as ridiculous suggests that perhaps, just maybe, this disturbing trend will someday soon die out entirely. Or maybe it’s just another example of the Left eating its own, which is still a win-win situation for advancing the cause of restoring some semblance of normalcy to modern American life.

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