“Muslim ban” media lie leads to enraged mob of mindless left-wing zombies physically attacking Trump supporter in broad daylight

Amid yells of “PEACE!”, a mob of enraged, mindless left-wing zombies physically attacked a Donald Trump supporter at the PDX airport yesterday. The video below depicts the mayhem and madness that has now gripped the zombified Trump-hating left-wing mobs being openly encouraged by a traitorous, dishonest media run by Soros-funded journo-terrorists. (They even cheer after knocking a man unconscious…)

What we are witnessing today is the complete collapse of civility and credibility across the political left, where people who consider themselves “tolerant” literally engage in violent attacks and assaults against those with whom they disagree.

This brings me to my new summation of the philosophy of the mindless, mentally ill Left:

Conformity is diversity

Hatred is tolerance

Consensus is fact

I will explore this new Orwellian motto of the mentally ill Left in an upcoming podcast. Until then, I have another podcast to share with you (below the following video) which shows the left-wing violence now being carried out against supporters of President Trump:

Health Ranger Podcast: Why the Left doesn’t believe in protecting America’s borders or national security

Listen and learn about the complete lunacy into which the political Left has now devolved. Click here for my Health Ranger Report podcast or listen below:




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