Video showing “flash” mob for Beto O’Rourke features cringe-worthy liberals singing voiceover of Village People hit “YMCA”

Rep. Robert Frances “Beto” O’Rourke is down by anywhere from seven to ten points in his bid to unseat incumbent GOP Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas, despite the fact that his campaign has raised – and burned through – tens of millions of dollars.

And though it’s not looking good for the El Paso native, you can’t say that a core group of his supporters isn’t enthusiastic about their candidate.

Not that their enthusiasm is going to help him much, especially after some of them produced a “music video” – sort of – that altered the words of a popular disco hit from the Village People called “YMCA.”

Now, it’s “B-E-T-O.”

We’re not even kidding.

After practicing for days (not that you can tell), a group of O’Rourke supporters thought they were ready to bring you what is likely going to be one of the funniest, if not most embarrassing, productions this election cycle. Though the video won’t do much to pole vault Beto to victory over Cruz, it does prove that white people shouldn’t be dancing in public.

As the Daily Wire reports:

If your speakers are turned down, or you’ve determined that this video is not safe for work — or, frankly, any other location in the civilized world — imagine they’re dancing to an updated version of the Village People’s classic, “Y-M-C-A,” but with “B-E-T-O” in place of the eponymous health club. Also, do not be alarmed. It does not appear anyone in the video is having an actual seizure.

Here goes (don’t say you weren’t warned):

Yes, this is a real production (sort of). Yes, these folks are serious about their candidate. No, it’s not a joke, though maybe it should be. (Related: Democrats LIE about their real intentions in order to win elections… because they could never win if they were honest.)

If anything, O’Rourke should be the one most offended by this musical hatchet job. After all, Beto is a real, live musician, having played in a band during his post-college years. Like spilling beer could be considered alcohol abuse, doing what his supporters have done to YMCA is akin to abusing musical legitimacy.

Not the only problem for the O’Rourke campaign

The video ought to give Cruz some relief, the Daily Wire noted, but not because the folks in it actually practiced to be as bad as they were. Actually, he should be happy that it appeared as though only about 30 or so people showed up to this planned Beto rally.

And what’s more, this video isn’t the only O’Rourke-inspired diddy floating around out there on the World Wide Web, though you could say the participants showed more enthusiasm for their candidate.

A group calling itself “Austin’s SNL” produced a video for its original tune “Beto-mania” though they are pronouncing his name “Beh-to” for greater effect, perhaps.

As to his candidacy, no one can say it wasn’t well-financed. Though his opponent is up in the polling, the O’Rourke campaign has blown through its cash reserves. The campaign has raised some $38 million but according to the most recent fundraising figures, he’s gone through more than $22 million, or nearly 70 percent of it.

In recent days, his campaign has found itself in legal trouble, as NBC Dallas/Fort Worth reports. A lawsuit was filed last week in the U.S. Northern District of Texas by a plaintiff who claims that he was sent at least nine text messages to a pair of cellphones by representatives of “Beto for Texas.”

According to the complaint, the plaintiff is claiming that the texts are a violation of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act, which aims to restrict the use of automated messages. The O’Rourke campaign told the local NBC affiliate they hadn’t done anything wrong.

If someone gets busted, though, maybe the next Beto-related music video we’ll see will be a version of “Jailhouse Rock.”

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