Nasty little punk David Hogg now going after Sen. John McCain who is suffering from brain cancer

Student journalist and anti-gun punk David Hogg is continuing his tryout for an eventual job with the American Pravda media by launching an attack against one of the longest-serving and respected U.S. senators, John McCain, R-Ariz., who just happens to also be battling brain cancer at the moment.

In a shameless tweet on Friday, the 17-year-old wrote, “Why do you take so much money from the NRA?” While McCain is in Arizona receiving treatment.

To be sure, as Breitbart News reports, McCain — who is chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee — is the top recipient of campaign contributions from the National Rifle Association, according to the Center for Responsive Politics, which tracks such things.

The center notes that McCain has received $7.7 million from the NRA, Breitbart reported.

Now look. I’m not Sen. McCain’s biggest fan. We’ve been pretty hard on him over at The National Sentinel over his #NeverTrumpism, which doesn’t appear likely to abate anytime soon. He’s ticked off at Trump, of course, because the president — as a GOP candidate — insulted McCain’s time in North Vietnam as a prisoner of war, admittedly not the smartest play for Trump.

But politics is a blood sport, so I get it. And since young Mr. Hogg has so eagerly waded into the political arena, it’s time he heard some things that the disgustingly dishonest Pravda media would never broach with him. (Related: CNN’s Chris Cuomo flat-out lies to help Democrats cover up their push to take your guns away.)

— If getting NRA money out of politics is Hogg’s goal, it’s backfiring. The Center for Responsive Politics reported last week that the organization received “twice as much money from nearly five times as many donors in the seven days after the Parkland, Florida, high school shooting” than in the seven days prior. In addition to that, membership in the NRA exploded after the shootings as the organization and its officers and spokespersons came under withering (and justified) attacks (since, of course, the NRA had nothing to do with what happened).

Guess what, Mr. Hogg? The organization will use this windfall (which includes my new membership dues) to exert even greater influence on members of Congress.

Oh, and McCain accepts so much money from the organization 1) because it’s called “speech,” and 2) it’s legal. Your precious Democrats accept far more from companies and organizations that do kill people, like Big Pharma and environmental groups that back rules which destroy livelihoods.

Young Mr. Hogg survived a school shooting incident, though it doesn’t sound like he was ever in direct danger of being shot. But good; it’s good that he survived, along with his classmates who did make it out alive. No one deserves to die like that.

But then-Navy Lt. John McCain survived nearly six years of the worst torture you can imagine, and that was after he was severely injured when his fighter plane was shot down and he was beaten unconscious. These are wounds — and experiences — that never go away or heal completely, young Mr. Hogg; do you think you could survive such experiences? For that matter, has the thought of serving your nation in uniform even occurred to you?

Young Mr. Hogg has assumed the role of chief anti-Second Amendment campaigner, thanks mostly to his anointment by the Pravda media — which, of course, will abandon him faster than Democrats are running away from Hillary Clinton once the next school shooting incident takes place and another student steps in to take the role.

And sadly, there will be another shooting — mostly because young Mr. Hogg and the disgusting Pravda media really aren’t interested in finding out why we are having so many in the first place.

Rather, they have to attack a genuine war hero at his weakest hour, like punks and losers.

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J.D. Heyes is also editor-in-chief of The National Sentinel.

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